What I Do.

Expression of “vision” is the key to cathartic energy. Some call it imagination, others call it artistry, but it’s most known as creativity. My personal purpose is to create a perception of love, faith, and hope to the world through the works of my career, service to the community, and group projects.

I cherish the work that I have created, and welcome you to enjoy the purpose that I have dedicated my life to fulfill. I find happiness in helping others the best way I am able, so don’t hesitate to connect with me in person or online!

How I Do It.

My career passion is to grow as a Creative Director, specializing in multimedia production and new generation branding. I’ve managed and produced projects consisting of film/video directing and editing, photography, graphic design, audio engineering, marketing campaigns, brand consulting, copy writing, and web-design.

Currently, my duties include the following:

  • NASA | Web Developer
  • 3VM | Multimedia Director

Where Am I?

I have an deep admiration for traveling & exploring, but it’s my city made me who I am today. You may know her as the 4th largest city in America, the original “Space City,” or maybe even the fastest growing city in the lone star state. Whatever your preferred name, I call Houston…HOME! Currently, this is also where I am based.

Humbly, I have been blessed to tour my work across the seas to other counties. I am thankful for the cultures that have welcomed me, and look forward to experience more!

Career Resume

NASA, Johnson Space Center

NASA, Johnson Space Center

Web & Graphic Developer (2017- current)
Red Bull Inc.

Red Bull Inc.

Brand Manager (2011-2013)
Creative Circle

Creative Circle

Creative Designer (2014-2016)


Completed Projects


Countries Visited


Cities Visited


  • Inducted into Prairie View A&M University’s “40 Under 40”  for career achievements and community service

  • Directed and edited promotional videos for city wide syndication (Houston)

  • 10 years+ experience in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Aftereffects, Illustrator)

  • Graduate of Prairie View A&M University, 2012 BBA Marketing